First Aid

What You Should Have for First Aid Equipment

First aid supplies are items that you hope you don’t need but know you want to invest in them, only in case of emergency. According to statistics for medical professionals, first aid is an important skill to acquire. Therefore here are some tips you should have for first aid equipment.

Certification of First Aid Skills

First Aid

The first thing you should have is getting a certificate of first aid skills such as CPR and Advanced cardiovascular life support (ACLS) method, and handle an emergency situation. Besides for helping others in an emergency situation, the certification of first aid skills will give you the improvement of the medical profession.


Whether you choose a spray or detergent, you need something that kills viruses and germs from almost all the flesh or hoof wounds of your horse. If a horse’s skin becomes sensitive, you should look for something that does not irritate the horse’s sore skin.


Hoof boots are incredibly useful when discovering things like punctures and abscesses on the horse’s hoof. Some also stimulate blood circulation and help remove toxins from the area. Like individual hoof boots, hoof boots come in a variety of sizes. So make sure that each horse has two or one boot that fits.


First AidEvery time your horse dries out, electrolytes are the best technique to get essential and vital nutrients directly into its equipment so that it can function normally and feel like itself again. The type of electrolytes in your horse’s kit depends on how easily he eats or drinks when he is not feeling well. Electrolytes are particularly useful for maintaining your horse’s health during long journeys. Due to the stress of this trip and the strange weather, your horse may not feel able to drink or absorb its normal amount. Electrolytes are not a complete substitute for nutrients, but they keep the horse hydrated with essential nutrients that are lost during transport and shorten the recovery period after birth.

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