Essential Tips to Live Healthy Even With Your Colostomy Bags

After having the Colon surgery, I had a shock as I have to live with colostomy bags and sometimes colostomy support wrap. But, it was quickly wearing off as I adapted my life to this new condition. After this extended bedrest stay of four weeks, I understood how to use, treat and repair, modify, or drain colostomy bags. Here are some tips to get in shape with colostomy bags from my experience.

healthy eating

Have a Healthy General Diet

At first, I ate a few meals hoping that the food would ensure that the stomach bag was filled with as little waste as possible, but it was not as wise as eating well. Then I realized that I had to keep eating, but I had to take advantage of some changes.

And avoid soft drinks and snacks. It is also necessary to eat blended and smoothened foods for breakfast and dinner, consisting of mixtures of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. But I followed a straightforward diet and ate many foods that I like, but in moderation.

Adjust How You Sleep and Make It Your Habit

I understand that we cannot sleep well the first few days as we are afraid of our colostomy bag may splatter the contents all over our sheet. So, my tip is easy. It would help if you learned to sleep on your side. You need to be used to do this kind of sleep in your place of residence.

Regardless of the cost, we have to sleep every day. Sleep is essential for our well-being. While we sleep, the human brain takes care of the waste of our daily work while hammering the neural nets and readjusting them so that they can function fully when we wake up. You should maintain the tendency to achieve a healthy sleep of 7-9 hours. If you have trouble falling asleep, then you should maintain your sleeping habits with the TV, laptop, cell phone, and other devices and allow your brain a real period of inactivity.

Go Out for Socializing With Your Friends or Relatives

colostomyI realize that we might be afraid of these “gas fart” noises that always come unexpectedly from colostomy bags. You can still dress well by wearing a dress a little loose around the waist.

If you feel you don’t have to satisfy unique people at a party or in a shopping mall, which means you might want to travel to a place where you can relax and unwind, like the mountains, the beach or a forest for camping. You will want to carry a sufficient number of colostomy bags in your bags in such cases. Therefore, if it starts to smell, you can replace it with a new one. My goal is to keep your mind healthy and safe. This may be our most challenging time, but believe me and yourself, you can do it. A healthy brain is key to a healthy body that will help you recover faster.

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