Starter’s Guide for Meditation

Most people don’t try to meditate because it seems hard to sit still. Others find it mysterious or enigmatic. Others think they don’t know where to start or don’t have the time. Did you know that meditation has advantages? Yes, it is true, you can benefit from meditation with only two minutes a day! Who doesn’t have only two minutes? Everyone does. So why don’t we try exploring some basics, and then after you can have prepared some refreshing meal to freshen up your entire day. 

If you are well prepared to let go of the secret and give it two minutes a day, here are some basic strategies to help you get started.

The Mantra

lightJust sit down in a peaceful space. Focus your attention inside and start repeating one or more words in your mind. Focus your attention. But you might use an expression or attack yourself. No matter what you choose, try to stay focused on every breath. The feeling would be in the case of a two-word sentence, and the expression refers to the outer breath. It’s effortless. You could, and your attention would return when you find yourself moving things. Start with just two minutes and increase by 1 minute.

Focus on Your Breathing

Put your right hand on your heart, and put the left on your belly. Pay attention to your breathing. Observe your hands when you inhale and exhale. You can choose to focus on how you feel while doing the meditation because it rolls around the room and over your lip. Concentrate as this place goes in and out of your nose.


Love the Sound

freeIt may be a quiet sound that enters your ear. Meditation is an intimate experience. You’ll know what’s excellent for you. It can be the sound of a gong, the flow of water or the sounds of nature, the murmur of birds, the rustling leaves. Once you realize that you return when your mind wanders, and if you do not judge the melody, do not connect with it.

There are many approaches to meditation. These are just a few to help you get started. I hope you try one. If it doesn’t work, try another one.