Three Essential Renovation Ideas for a Healthier Home

Changes are necessary after some time, especially when the context is house renovation. Broken plumbing, poor air circulation, mold growth, and structural damage are some reasons why you must renovate. But here, we will focus on the essentials that can improve your health. Planning for house improvements is not only for aesthetics, after all.

Setting Up the Bedrooms with Sleep-Inducing Decoration and Furniture

a well designed bedroomSleep deprivation is concerningly prevalent in modern society. We are exposed to lighting everywhere we go. Billboards on the side of the road, the street lamps, and the screens on our phone and laptop overly illuminate our life. Consequently, urban dwellers have altered circadian rhythms, which means that their body is unable to distinguish day from night. Therefore, do not bring the same atmosphere to your bedroom, or it worsens the condition.

First, take a look at the paint on the wall. Grey, Blue, Green, and Yellow, in their soft spectrum, are the best colors that can induce sleep. If you are unsure about this renovation idea, you can check Hire a Hubby out for further discussions.

Second, optimize the storage capacity in your bedroom. Do not let your stuff clutter the room because such disorganization can make you feel uncomfortable and has the potential to disrupt your sleep.

Third, invest in a good quality mattress. Bad mattresses can hurt your back and make you wake up feeling drowsy. It does not have to be a king or queen-size, as long as the spring and cushioning technology follows the latest development, such as the hybrid of spring and memory foam tech.

Improving the House’s Air Circulation

a house and the sunThis renovation will probably be the most expensive among other plans because you may need to move the windows, replace some parts in the air ducts, or add air conditioners. Moreover, if you are going to be total about improving the air circulation in your home, it will be best if you hire a professional architect to conduct an audit.

If you live in a highly polluted area, you need to consider investing in air purifiers. They are equipped with HEPA filters so that the machine can remove pollutants from the air effectively. There will be no more sneezing, coughing, or being sick from allergens and combustion particles.

Upgrading the Kitchen

clean kitchenThe kitchen is like the belly of the house. It is where all the occupants can keep themselves well-nourished and hydrated. If there are any leakage or contamination, living in the house will be inconvenient. Therefore, before you start upgrading things here and there, examine if there are broken parts that need some repair.

After that step, you have to pay attention to the way things organized there. The fridge is supposed to be big enough to store all of your food ingredients. And the cabinets must be easily accessible and well-arranged.…

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