Tightening your Vagina Naturally

Vagina tightening is something that many women shy away from. Fortunately, it is possible to do vagina tightening as long as you have the right information. The best way to tighten the vagina is using natural methods. The use of creams and gels is a bit tricky because it is always difficult to identify a good cream or gel.

With natural remedies and ingredients, you can be sure of your safety even when tightening the vagina. If you want to tighten your vagina, there are various methods that you can try from the comfort of your home:

Kegel Exercises

kegel ballsUsing Kegel exercise is a sure way to tighten your vagina naturally. Kegel exercises tone your muscles without using any products or applying anything on the vagina. You need to remember that the vaginal muscles are just like any other muscles on the body.

They respond to exercises and doing regular exercises will tone the muscles. You have to strengthen the pelvic muscles by holding the muscles for a short time and then releasing it. If you are not sure about how to do it, then you can use kegel balls to do it in the right manner.

Good Diet

You will be surprised to know that a good diet can go a long way in enhancing the health of your vagina. Some foods are good for the reproductive health and you need to find a way of incorporating them into your diet. Including organic foods and fruits will help you to improve your vaginal health.

Aloe Vera Gel

aloe vera gelIf you are hesitant about using the gels and creams available over the counter, then the aloe vera gel is the best. Using Aloe Vera gel will help you in tightening the muscles safely and naturally. All you have to do is to apply the gel on the vagina lips and this will tone the vaginal area.

Apart from toning the vagina, this product also has a lot of health benefits. The vagina gel is responsible for moisturizing the vagina and it will prevent excessive dryness. If you are suffering from vaginal dryness, then this is also a good remedy.


We still have exercises that can be used to tighten the vagina. Apart from the kegel exercises that are popular for vagina tightening, squats are also helpful. Any exercise that focuses on the pelvic area of the body is beneficial.…

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