Herbs That Work for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

There are a variety of causes for erectile dysfunction. If yours is related to insufficient blood flow, then it is crucial to improve your blood flow to the body and the groin to get a durable and lasting erection. Many solutions are available in the market, from getting the prescription medicine to picking the best supplement for the treatment. They are good, but not many know that herbalism can also be beneficial in treating the impotence even with little or no side effects than others.

Herbalism has known for centuries to treat various health problems since the herbs contain therapeutic properties. With the advent of drugs, herbal medicine may have become less popular. Still, an increasing number of people have started to resort to the old healing process because of its effectiveness in the treatment and cost. With this in mind, many men who face erectile dysfunction (ED) have more reliable and purely natural processes that can work to cure their problem, including these following three herbs.


Yohimbe is a herb that belongs to the family of coffee, madder, and gardenia, with its bark extract used for natural medicine. Although this herb is not as popular as Viagra, the FDA has approved that yohimbine, its active ingredient works well and does not contain acute side effects. This herb can also treat a psychological problem to help men who have difficulty ejaculating but have no problem getting an erection. 

According to the researches done since the late 80s, Yohimbe has proven to have the ability to strengthen erections, confirming to be one of the best herbs for erectile dysfunction. In the study of the Yohimbe efficacy in erectile dysfunction, quantities of 15 to 30 milligrams per day were used. Ensure to purchase Yohimbe with the right amount of yohimbine, or it will not work. Also, follow the recommended dose because high doses can cause psychosis and migraines. Children are not allowed to consume this herb, but anyone over 65 could start with a small dose and gradually develop if desired. Be careful of an allergic reaction, and talk with your doctor if you have to combine Yohimbe with other medications.


ginsengGinseng is an ultimate tonic herb from the family of ivy, with its roots used for natural healing and known as the source of life or immortality. Although there are eastern and western Ginseng, both are considered equal in the West. One of the Ginseng’s many therapeutic benefits is to resist physical and mental stress by enhancing well-being in general and combating diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

More importantly, Ginseng helps to dilate the arteries, inducing the blood flow into the penis, which results in firmer and more permanent erections. If you wish to consume Ginseng to cure your impotence, ensure to follow the instructions because some people can become nervous from the over-stimulation. This herb also has an anticoagulant effect, so do not take Ginseng for two weeks before your operation. Be careful with allergic reactions and other rare side effects such as insomnia, asthma attack, heart rhythm disturbance, or breast soreness. Mixing medication and herb should be based on doctor recommendation, while children, nursing, and pregnant mother should avoid this herb.


ginkgoAnother popular herb in traditional Chinese medicine and known in Indian Ayurvedic medicine is Ginkgo, with the leaves used for natural healing. Ginkgo is a tree found in Asia and still used to treat various medical problems, such as Alzheimer’s, stroke, anxiety, or children with dyslexia. Also, a study found that this herb helps to narrow the arteries that supply blood to the penis to improve erections. However, take this herb with the doctor’s prescription because Ginkgo can cause problems in people suffering from anxiety or taking anticoagulants. Also, high doses can cause nausea, vomiting, irritability, stomach upset, and nausea. No mixing herb and medication are suggested unless it is recommended by the doctor. 

Treating erectile dysfunction with these three herbs is an area that you should consider. However, please remember they are particularly beneficial if the blood circulation is the cause of erectile dysfunction. Otherwise, these herbs might not help to cure your erectile dysfunction.

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Why Men Get Erectile Dysfunction and How to Treat It

Lots of men all over the world have erectile dysfunction. It is one of the most prevalent penis issues that makes a man visit the doctor for a solution. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Some as easy as taking good care of the penis, while others need more attention and effort. If you are into a more advanced solution, you can check out bluechew results and review.

Learning the reason behind the man’s erectile dysfunction can help them reduce the risk factors and prevent more severe problems. There can be a lot of reasons why men get erectile dysfunction. But some problems leading to erectile dysfunction and penis problems can be treated by one person.


sad man looking through the window

The physical body is connected to both the emotional and mental body; that’s why, in some cases, men who have depression have erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, in this case, as the man tries to cure his depression, so will his erectile dysfunction. If you’re a man who struggles from depression, help is always closer than you think. You can reach out to your friends, family, or therapist experts who can help you back on track.

Drugs or Steroids Consumption

Lots of men that want to have a body-builder kind of body probably have looked out for some steroids and other drugs that can aid all sorts of physical issues. Men should be careful when taking medications, although their doctors prescribe them. Unluckily, some medications can cause long-term damage that cannot be overcome.

Relationship Problemsman and woman fight

In some cases, you will find that your penis will not be able to get up as it used to when they fight with his partner. This can be caused by a variety of factors such as anger, guilt, sadness, or fear of increasing anxiety about pregnancy. When this happens, a man should directly face the problem with an open heart with his partner. It is vital for your health, even if it is not easy.

Lack of Sensitivity

If a man no longer feels the roles that once aroused him, this can lead to an inability to act up like it used to. Of course, the penis can sometimes do the job well, but it can be challenging to discover the feelings necessary for the flagpole’s growth. A man can fight a lack of the usual sensation by taking a break from masturbation.…

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